Kodak Color Plus 200 on Canon AE-1 Program (Gallery)

Kodak Color Plus 200 on Canon AE-1 Program (Gallery)

"To loosely quote my uncle, 'The chemical reaction that happens during film development cannot be replicated by digital photography.'"

Kodak Color Plus 200

is a popular film for photographers, for good reason. You can expect a good all-round performance from this film; with noticeable grain, warm tones, a slightly muted look to some colors, a generally "vintage" look. During sunny conditions, contrast and saturation look best, and this is where I think this film really shines. Like any other film, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.


Affordability: One of the most significant advantages of Kodak Color Plus 200 is its affordability. It is a budget-friendly option, I have been purchasing mine from Amazon for around $10 a roll, in a pack of 5!

Vibrant Colors: Color Plus 200 produces vibrant and saturated colors, making it a good choice for capturing scenes with rich and bold color palettes.

Versatility: This film is versatile and can be used in a variety of lighting conditions, from outdoor daylight to indoor settings. It can handle a wide range of situations, making it a great walk around film. 

Moderate Grain: The film has a moderate grain structure, which can add a vintage and classic feel to your photos without excessive graininess, if there is such a thing as "excessive" when it comes to grain! Ha!

Widely Available: Not only is it cheap, it's available. As stated above I purchased mine from Amazon, but you can purchase this file almost anywhere film is sold. 


Limited ISO Sensitivity: An obvious one but with an ISO rating of 200, this film may not be the best choice for low-light conditions or situations where you need a faster film speed. 

Less Detail in Shadows: Some limitations when it comes to capturing fine details in shadow areas, especially in high-contrast scenes, however for everyday shooting and street photography, this was not an issue for me.


Push & Pull

You can push and pull a little bit Kodak Color Plus is best rated at about 100 for the shadows. It can also be pushed one stop at 400, pushing it two stops is possible but not reccommended. If you are fairly new to film photography I would suggest to just shoot at box speed. 



Kodak Color Plus 200 is a great choice of film.  Its popularity and affordability, priced at around $10 per roll, makes it incredibly accessible. This budget-friendly film doesn't compromise on image quality, as it boasts vibrant and rich colors that bring life to your photos. Its versatility shines through in various lighting conditions, whether you're shooting outdoors in broad daylight or in indoor settings. The moderate grain structure adds a touch of vintage charm without overwhelming your images. Kodak Color Plus 200 readily available in most photography stores and online, making it an easy choice for both beginners and enthusiasts. While it may not be the best option for low-light situations, and some limitations in shadow detail in high-contrast scenes, this film is a reliable and budget-friendly companion for everyday shooting and street photography and is my go to film!



All Photos shot on Canon AE-1 Program 


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